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New job, same employer: Valora supports and promotes internal job changes to secure valuable professional knowledge within the company.

Employees should undergo constant development within a company and be able to learn new things. That is why Valora supports and promotes internal job changes. This also guarantees that valuable professional knowledge remains within the company.

From the kiosk to IT or the inventory department? From food management in Hamburg to marketing in Emmenbrücke? You can do that at Valora. The convenience and food service provider promotes and supports internal job changes. “It helps us to retain staff so we can benefit from their valuable professional knowledge over the long term,” says Eric Baer, HR Business Partner at Valora. “You can find a new job anywhere within the Group, including other countries.”

A new challenge for Estefania

Valora Estefania 1697 1
Estefania Gonzalez

Estefania Gonzalez used to work at a kiosk, before going on to manage a k kiosk sale outlet for nine years. “After so many years I wanted a new challenge,” she explains. However, she had no intention of leaving the company. “Valora is a good employer. During my first years in the kiosk, I trained as a retail professional.” She is still grateful to have had that opportunity.

Estefania Gonzalez clicked through the internal job offers and came across a position in IT support that interested her: “I wanted to do something completely new.” She applied and got the job. Since the start of October 2018, she has been working at the headquarters in Muttenz and is happy with her new position: “As an IT supporter, I help other k kiosk employees when, for example, tills are blocked, the cash register system is down, or with cancellations and forgotten passwords.” She can draw on her own experience of having worked in a kiosk in this position and she understands when the callers are under stress: “I know what it’s like when the till isn’t working and the customers want to pay.”

Luis is on the move every day

Luis Costa — Auditor
Luis Costa

Luis Costa followed a path similar to that of Estefania Gonzalez. The Brazilian came to Switzerland in 2003 and his first job was working in a Valora kiosk. After four years, he became the manager of the k kiosk sales outlet at Bärengasse in Zurich’s banking district, where he stayed for ten years. In 2008, Luis Costa worked briefly in the inventory department. “I really liked it and I thought that I would like to go back to it one day,” he recalls. He checked regularly for years to see whether there were any jobs available. And it worked out for him: Luis Costa has been an auditor in the inventory department since August 2018. He works at a different site every day. Working with two to eight colleagues, he monitors stock levels, checks the games of chance, sees whether the goods are properly stored and a lot more besides. An audit can take from two to four hours depending on the outlet.

Luis Costa loves his new job. The only thing he misses are his regular customers from Bärengasse. “I could write a book about all my experiences in those days. I ran an information service, waiting room and acted as an agony aunt. I witnessed marriage proposals and saw relationships ending. I comforted crying men and women, looked after dogs and kept an eye on laptop bags.” However, he doesn’t want to go back to the kiosk. “I enjoy working in a team. I can also learn more about Switzerland by travelling around.” He always knew he wanted to stay at Valora. “I would recommend an internal job change to anyone.”

Christina: From the distant north to Lucerne

Christina Jesse — Food Category Manager
Christina Jesse

Christina Jesse also discovered the advantages of working in Switzerland. She realised her dream when she took up a new job in Switzerland and moved to Lucerne. Prior to that she worked as a Food Category manager at Valora Retail in Hamburg. “I already had many dealings with colleagues from Valora in Switzerland through my interface role in Group-wide projects. That’s where the idea of working in Switzerland gradually took hold.” After four years as a category manager, she wanted to consolidate her marketing knowledge from her business studies in the professional arena. Christina Jesse spoke with her boss who supported her. As chance would have it, the marketing department of Food Service Switzerland had a vacancy.

Since July 2018, Christina Jesse has been working in Emmenbrücke and she enjoys her new job. “I like working on marketing campaigns from beginning to end and making a difference.” She settled into Switzerland quickly. “It’s a beautiful country, I travel every weekend to go skiing or hiking in the mountains.” Her Swiss colleagues helped with the transition. “They really made me feel like I was part of the team and even helped me find a flat”, she adds enthusiastically.

Valora promotes personal development

“Valora offers many development opportunities,” says Eric Baer. All you need to do is tell your HR business partner or line manager. “Moving from a client-facing role into the back office represents an enormous know-how transfer. People who deal directly with clients know what it takes to keep them happy.” Valora prioritises the retention of knowledge and experience within the company. That’s why employees are given the opportunity to work on various projects in different roles or regions. The company supports the individual development of its employees through open dialogue and a structured feedback culture between employees and line managers. “Everyone should work in a role that matches their abilities and develop their talents accordingly.” That is what makes Valora an interesting employer with satisfied employees.

Photos: Markus Bertschi / Video: Noë Flum

This article appeared for the first time on 5 June 2019 and was updated on 19 February 2020.

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