Caffè Spettacolo: 20 years of quality coffee and innovation

GRAZIE per 20 anni – we congratulate Caffè Spettacolo. Originally launched as an espresso blend, the proprietary Valora brand has since grown into Switzerland’s biggest chain of Italian cafés. With its bio and fair trade certified coffee, Caffè Spettacolo is synonymous with Italianità and enjoyment.

The first Caffè Spettacolo coffee bar opened in Biel in March 1999. Having since expanded to a total of 31 locations, the Valora format is now the biggest Italian coffee bar chain in Switzerland, with its attractive blend of Italianità, fair trade and bio certified roast beans plus selected delicacies.

Caffè Spettacolo is the last word in coffee-induced pleasure mixed with la bella vita. Having started out as an espresso blend for sale at Merkur back in 1992, Valora built on its success by opening the first Caffè Spettacolo coffee bar in Biel seven years later. Since then, a further 30 sales outlets have been opened at highly frequented locations throughout Switzerland. Valora Group coffee modules in retail formats also offer customers a coffee treat when on the move and make Caffè Spettacolo one of Switzerland’s leading coffee providers.

Focusing on success

Since it was first launched in 1992, the popular “Caffè Spettacolo” brand was changed to “Spettacolo” plus the takeaway brand “Spettacolino”. The coffee bars’ Italian roots were fading into the background. However, Valora reversed this trend by relaunching the format in 2016, which brought the brand back to its initial strength. Not only did the relaunch adjust the corporate identity, corporate design and the outlets, it also centred the offering on Italian specialities. In the meantime, the popular coffee (Valora’s own brand) has also become available at avec, k kiosk and Press & Books, where over 600 coffee modules offer commuters a quick treat while on the move.

Sustained coffee enjoyment

With its Italian orientation and focus on the craft of coffee-making, Caffè Spettacolo stands out strongly from other coffee providers. Visiting a Caffè Spettacolo makes a welcome break from the hectic station-like atmosphere with the added bonus of excellent coffee based on an Italian recipe. The “cimbali” coffee machines are the pièce de résistance of the Italian-styled and inviting coffee bars. They are the tools of the trade for the trained baristas as they prepare their extensive range of customised coffee creations. All the coffees – including classical, espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and seasonal coffee creations – come from two exclusive roasts: Medio and Intenso. The beans are organically cultivated in Colombia and Peru. Moreover, as it only buys fair trade certified beans, Caffè Spettacolo is doing its bit for fair pricing and supporting smallholders and workers in improving their standard of living through their own endeavour.

Reduction of food waste

Caffè Spettacolo also works hard to minimise trash and wasted food, for example it advocates returnable cups. Anyone who refills a returnable cup benefits from an upgrade. Moreover, to reduce food waste, Caffè Spettacolo regularly prepares fresh foccacias and filled croissants on site and works with various partners. As a result, the produce left at the end of the day can either be distributed to people in need or sold at a discount. Since the start of 2019, all Caffè Spettacolo branches have been participating in the “Too Good To Go” promotion, whereby people can purchase – via an app and at a reduced price – a food bag with unused produce shortly before closing time.

Photos: Noë Flum, Lukas Bidinger, Valora

This article appeared for the first time on 27 August 2019 and was updated on 19 February 2020.

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