Coffee is not just coffee, but it is popular everywhere

Did you know? The favourite coffee of Valora customers in Switzerland is far less popular in Germany. What’s more, not all German federal states or Swiss language regions drink their coffee first thing in a morning. Valora has analysed the preferences of its customers.

A morning coffee is part of the daily routine of many commuters. With its enormous network of sales outlets, Valora is optimally positioned to provide its customers on the move with the perfect beverage to put a smile on their face. The range is adjusted in line with local needs and is very well received by customers.

After water, coffee is the most popular drink in Germany and Switzerland. According to a study, 80% of consumers drink between two and three cups of coffee every day on average. In particular, coffee consumption by people on the move has increased in recent years. Especially at transport hubs and heavily frequented locations, good coffee to go is very popular. In order to meet this commuter need, Valora has permanently expanded and improved its range in recent years.

Therefore, the company equipped 700 retail outlets with shop-in-shop coffee stations in 2016. The range is geared towards customer needs and is not only of a high quality, but also has fair trade and organic certification. With a view to sustainability, more and more customers are also bringing their own reusable cups and in doing so are benefiting from discounts at, for example, Caffè Spettacolo and Ditsch.

Coffee stimulates the blood flow to the brain and thus increases our ability to concentrate and perform. The impact of coffee consumption and the caffeine it contains is and always has been a much-discussed topic. Nowadays contemporary analysis techniques show that coffee consumed in normal amounts (up to six cups a day) and prepared with modern methods is perfectly healthy. The fact that people in Germany and Switzerland are taking this information to heart and how they do it can be seen below in the analyses and presentations of some figures from the Valora network.

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