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When it comes to its employees, Valora places an emphasis on continuity. With its apprenticeship programme, the company has been supporting junior employees in the retail industry for more than 15 years. A trainee programme in Switzerland and a dual study programme in Switzerland and in Germany also offer (former) students attractive training opportunities with good prospects. 

Stephanie Borner – Store Manager Press & Books Aarau

Valora Mitarbeiter P&B
Stephanie Borner, 28 – Store Manager Press & Books Aarau at Valora
How did you come to Valora??

Through my mother, who worked for k kiosk, avec and Press & Books in Gäupark near Egerkingen. I also completed my retail industry apprenticeship there from 2008 to 2010.

What career development have you enjoyed at Valora?

Valora enabled me to gather experience at many points of sale. Following my apprenticeship, I first worked at the railway station kiosk for one year, before being appointed as Store Manager  of the kiosk at the OBI market in Oftringen for a further year. Following this, I was made deputy Store Manager at Press & Books in Olten. Today I am Store Manager of Press & Books in Aarau.

What did you particularly like about your training at Valora?

The variety. On the one hand, I was closely involved in sales and had contact with our customers. On the other, I was also regularly able to pursue administrative activities in the office, such as placing orders or preparing statements. 

What are you responsible for in your present position?

As manager I have a very broad range of tasks and am responsible for budgets, personnel planning, orders, stock and my employees.

To whom would you recommend retail sector training at Valora?

People who like varied work and enjoy customer contact as well as office tasks. During my apprenticeship I learned an incredible amount, and was supported and encouraged by my superiors and team colleagues.

Marcia Kleiber – Category Field Manager

Valora Mitarbeiter Category Management
Marcia Kleiber, 25 – Category Field Manager at Valora
How did you come to Valora?

After completing a specialised secondary school diploma in the field of social studies, I applied for an apprenticeship as Commercial Employee, Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training (Kauffrau EFZ) at the Valora Group.

What career development have you enjoyed at Valora?

I was able to work in six different departments during the three-year apprenticeship. After completing my apprenticeship, I first took up a position as Junior Category Management Manager for Fresh Foods and Beverages, and subsequently  became Category Field Manager Beverages.

What did you particularly like about your training at Valora?

By changing departments every six months, I acquired useful insights into these various specialist fields, was able to identify where my own interests lay as well as the areas where I wanted to develop myself further after the apprenticeship.

What are you responsible for in your present position?

As Category Field Manager Beverages, I am responsible for beverages promotions at k kiosk, Press & Books and avec. Preparing a detailed promotion campaign in collaboration with beverage suppliers is challenging. At the same time, it is a tremendous opportunity to assume responsibility. I am able to approach and master wide-ranging tasks every day, and enjoy acquiring new knowledge.

To whom would you recommend retail sector training at Valora?

In fact to anybody who is willing to assume responsibility even during their apprenticeship, who likes variety and is interested in the dynamic retail environment..

Janine Sutter – Corporate Controller

Valora Mitarbeiter Kaffee
Janine Sutter, 26 – Corporate Controller at Valora
How did you come to Valora?

In the past, I used to know Valora above all as a k kiosk customer. My attention was drawn to the company at a graduate congress and by a friend who worked for Valora. The trainee programme at Valora promised to provide insights into a variety of corporate departments and offered long-term development opportunities, which is why I applied in 2016.

What career development have you enjoyed at Valora?

Following my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I spent a year as a management trainee in various company departments (Human Resources Development, Category Management, Corporate Group Controlling). Afterwards I started my current job  as Corporate Controller.

What did you particularly like about the trainee programme?

Being able to take part in a variety of completely different projects was very helpful to my development. My proposals were accepted and partially also implemented, which showed me that I was valued as a trainee. Another absolutely fascinating experience was being deployed at the points of sale at k kiosk, avec and Caffè Spettacolo, which improved my understanding of the challenges facing retail outlets. I also greatly valued the opportunity to complete part of the trainee programme abroad.

What are you responsible for in your present position?

I work in corporate reporting. My tasks include supporting the CEO/CFO cost centre, preparing the monthly statements of account as well as the budget and long-term plan, along with drawing up presentations and supporting the IT controller. With the help of my team, which devoted a considerable amount of time to me, I learnt a huge amount «on the job». Today, I see challenges and problems as opportunities to develop myself further.

To whom would you recommend the trainee programme at Valora?

Graduates who are still undecided about which career options to pursue after completing their studies. The core business in the convenience and food sector is demanding, fast-moving and interesting, and the same is true for the activities and projects during the programme. The option of a subsequent full-time position of employment is a further major plus point. 

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